About Us

Deep Learning got started with the aim of providing best security courses to global audience at affordable rates. Most of students in every part of country are tight on budget and still wants to get best and world class training. We at Deep Learning are trying to fill that gap.

Getting technical education is the necessity of today's computer era, or we can say getting the right and meaningful education is the main key here. But we can't avoid the harsh reality of not receiving the desired technical training on time due to lack of technical Universities and expert teachers which is affecting our growth. But not anymore.

As here on Deep learning, you will be enchanted with the high level of technical education with our vast range of courses, YouTube tutorials, and informative blogs. We have sole motive to impart technical knowledge to every person at their own conditions. So, no need to wait for us as our experts are waiting for you already. With the tagline of providing Security education to every person at reasonable rates, we offer's dynamic courses like ethical hacking, Wb Application Penetration Testing (WAPT),pentesting, bug bounties etc.


We have a simple vision of becoming students favourite place to go when they wants to learn about security and technology. Best technical training yet affordable rates makes us stand out. Our Library is diverse and there is something for every one to explore on course section.

Some Achievements

we secured lots private and public compannies on hackerone and bugcrowd platform and we got lots of reward and tshirts and hall of fames.

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